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Indulge in Soft Bliss: Ridiculously Soft Hokkaido Milk Bread, Sweetened with Allulose! Makes a Tasty Gift

Dive into the delightful world of Shokupan, where tradition meets innovation in every heavenly slice of our Hokkaido milk bread! Crafted with love by The Lean Baker, this soft masterpiece boasts the sweetness you crave, without added sugar, thanks to the magic of Allulose.
Journey Through Time:
Unravel the rich tapestry of Japanese milk bread culture, dating back to the legendary Yokohama Bakery in 1862. It's more than a bread; it's a cultural phenomenon, an obsession that's found its place on trendy restaurant menus. Join the milk bread revolution - your taste buds will thank you!
Ordering Options:
Select your indulgence level!
📦Choose a 9x5x6 loaf of our soft milk bread, packaged in a sealed perforated plastic bag.
📦Elevate your experience by opting for the 8x10 Cotton Bread Bag – the chic and eco-friendly way to store your bread!
Benefits of Cotton Bread Bags:
Why settle for ordinary storage? Our reusable cotton bread bags provide breathability, keeping your bread fresher for longer. Easy to clean in the washer, these bags are a sustainable choice that adds a touch of style to your kitchen. Say goodbye to stale bread and hello to freshness!
Shipped Frozen for Freshness:
Imagine the excitement of receiving a frozen treasure! We ship our delectable truffles frozen to ensure they arrive in perfect condition. Freeze upon arrival and let the anticipation build as they thaw, promising a taste that's nothing short of perfection.
Storage Tips:
Maximize the freshness of your milk bread by storing it in a breathable bag on the counter. No fridge needed! If you can't finish it within a week (though we doubt you'll resist), freeze it for months of delicious enjoyment. Toast a frozen slice whenever those cravings strike!
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