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“The Lean Baker” by BodyFit Nutrition encourages people to eat to support and/or maintain a healthy diet and satisfy their (sweet tooth) cravings with the use of nutritious, quality recipes that promote physical, mental wellness and assist in A1C control.

No Sugar Added NY Blueberry Crumb Cake Baked To Order 2 Serving Size 3"x 3" Delicious Box of 6 Gourmet Pastry Desserts Fresh To Your Door

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Brand: Lean Baker By Bodyfit Nutrition
UPC: 745559701625

This is a copy cat of the Original German Streuselkuchen (Streu·sel·ku·chen) Crumb Cake adopted in NY as the Original NY Crumb Cake with our addition of fresh blueberries. Made with love with The Taste Of Home!

  • Receive 6, two serving size personal size 3"x 3" cakes
  • Equal to 1 9"x11" Crumb Cake
  • 5.6oz/158.8g
  • Individually wrapped
  • Baked to Order, Shipped Frozen to retain freshness
  • Plenty buttery crumb with just the right amount of cake and cinnamon and none of the sugar.
  • Remove from pan and warm in the microwave
  • Yes, this crumb is NO SUGAR ADDED! Sweet Blueberry Goodness. Delicious!
  • Diabetic Friendly.


Freeze or Refrigerate upon receipt. To Serve thaw at room temperature before warming. Can be warmed in the oven at 325F or removed from tin and warmed on a plate in the microwave in 10 sec intervals. Store in the refrigerator up to two weeks. Up to 3 Months in the freezer.

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