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“The Lean Baker” by BodyFit Nutrition encourages people to eat to support and/or maintain a healthy diet and satisfy their (sweet tooth) cravings with the use of nutritious, quality recipes that promote physical, mental wellness and assist in A1C control.

Chocolate Lovers Crate

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Gift for any occasion! Chocolate Gift Basket

Need a sweet gift for your Mother, Father, that wonderful fitness coach? Treat them to a decadent selection of our finest chocolate treats. This is the ultimate gift for any occasion. Give them a box of Deliciously Decadent Guilt Free Healthy Desserts.

Inside the beautiful etched gift box you'll find

  • 2x Death by chocolate cake hearts, - Heart shaped moist Devil's Food Cake with a Chocolate Buttercream filling covered with a sugar free Belgian Chocolate
  • 2x Signature Death by Chocolate Teacakes, - This is the ultimate gift for the Strongman who wants Deliciously Decadent Guilt Free Healthy Desserts.
  • 2x Chocolate covered caramel copycat "Oreo", - Sugar Free Chocolate Sandwich cookie with a layer of SF Caramel covered in a SF Belgian Chocolate. Accented with gold leaf
  • 1x Chocolate Swirl Cheesecake to share - Our creamy mini baked NY Style Cheesecake with a swirl of chocolate. Enough to share... Or NOT!
  • 2x Delicious fudge turtle brownie on stick - Fudge Brownie with a layer of SF caramel dipped in a SF Belgian Chocolate with a sprinkle of chopped pecan

All made in our commercial kitchen. This is the ultimate gift for the Strongman who wants Deliciously Decadent Guilt Free Healthy Desserts.

All cakes are sugar free, portion controlled, individually wrapped, made with the highest quality protein and Belgian Chocolate.

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Shipped Frozen with dry ice.
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